Ministering Handout

It’s been a while since we’ve had the ministering handouts up and going. Well, here you are! Let those sweet ladies know they are loved. Finishing Summer off with “drops” of love.

Items you’ll need to purchase:

* Lemon Drops (Walmart, Cracker Barrel, or Judd’s)

* Ribbon (JoAnn’s)

* Scrapbook Paper (JoAnn’s or Michael’s)

* Printable, found here.

When you print it off, it will look exactly like this. Then you will glue it to your choice of scrapbook paper, or leave it as is.

Here’s the printable on a different piece of scrapbook paper, just to give you an idea of how you can change up the look .

Enjoy your final days of Summer guys!


March Visiting Teaching 2018

Hey guys! The Visiting Teaching idea for March is super easy. No ribbons or bows, or worrying about running around looking for a certain item. As you head out to do your regular grocery shopping just buy a box of “Gain” dryer sheets. Print out the message here, and tape it right on the box of dryer sheets, then your done!

February Visiting Teaching 2018

Visiting Teaching, it’s all about sincerely knowing each sister. How can you truly know her without knowing her family too? They are one big package! You are going to put your best effort into loving all. The Savior was amazing at this, just like feeding the 5000, we might only have two or three sister’s. We got this friends! My sister’s make it so easy tho! They are the best! By small and simple things, like love, great things come about right?

This month is super easy! We found this dish towel with the beautiful colors and flowers on it at Walmart. With L O V E written right on it. You just can’t miss it! A perfect match of ribbon tied around it from JoAnn’s. You know the drill…..just attach the tag. You can find it right here.

January Visiting Teaching 2018

As an LDS Blogger, I’m excited about the new vision for Visiting Teaching in 2018! This year we are too focus on a different principle each month rather than a specific message. When we apply a principle, we are becoming like our Savior. If we stop worrying about “what counts”, and instead, focus on OUR Sister’s individual needs.

Here’s this months idea, but remember the “real gift” is ministering like the Savior.

You’ll need a package of Mentos Gum. Tie on your ribbon. We used white raffia.Punch a hole in one corner of the printable found here.img_4397-1.jpgTie on the message.There you go!

December Visiting Teaching 2017

Sing along with us…. Copper Bells,…….. Copper Bells,…… it’s Christmas time….. in the city!  We wanted to get this out early so you could check in on your sister’s you visit teach before Christmas.  Wouldn’t you know it, we have a passion for ribbon!  SO, when we came across this Copper and White striped ribbon at Joann’s, we just HAD to have some!  Aren’t the Copper Bells we found there just the perfect match with the ribbon?  The cute treat bags are stamped with Metallic Copper Christmas Trees.  We simply just placed the dish rags inside the treat bag.   I’m pretty sure my ladies I visit teach, don’t even know how much fun it is to ride and sing all the way to Joann’s, searching for their next treasure!

We taped the hand soap to the treat bag, then tied the ribbon around the soap and treat bag.  Thread the Copper Bells with a small size ribbon and tie it in a knot around the ribbon that was already tied on.  Turn the knot side to the backside of the bells, where you started to thread them.  This pretty package is ready to greet your sister’s.  You might want to even throw in a Christmas carol right at their front door.  You can get the free printable tags here to attach to the hand soap.

November Visiting Teaching 2017


Ready or not, it’s time for November’s Visiting Teaching!  Who knew Borden Eagle Brand would come out with a Limited Edition of Sweetened Condensed Milk- C A R A M E L!  You could eat this stuff STRAIGHT out of the can!  No boiling for hours on low and slow. Just open the can and it’s all ready to enjoy!  There’s even a great recipe on the back of the can, Decadent Caramel Apple Cheesecake, or just serve it warm over plain ice cream!

We found this “Sweet” can of Sweetened Condensed Milk, Caramel style at Walmart on the baking aisle.  Don’t forget to swing by the craft area and grab some cellophane to wrap up the sweet can of goodness.  As for the cute navy polka dot burlap, we discovered this at good ‘ole Dollar Tree!  Be sure to tie on the bow a little higher as shown in the picture above, so you can still see the Condensed Milk when tying the tag on.  Now, read the inspired words of  Joy D. Jones’ talk from the General Women’s Session- “Value beyond Measure”.  Remember, this month you can choose any talk from General Conference you’d like.   Next, get your free printable here with the fall leaves all around it.  Finish up with a hole punch and tie it on with gratitude, now you’re ALL done!


October Visiting Teaching 2017

We are extremely blessed to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  I get the privilege of watching over a few sister’s each month.  Making sure their needs are attended to. We help our sister’s by comforting them, assisting them where needed, sharing a beautiful message encouraging them to follow the Savior, and more specifically, just being a true friend!  I have had the opportunity of taking in meals through the years, been there for deaths in the family, and have been a shoulder to cry on, as tears are shed when they have faced hard trials in their life’s.  In one case, my cute sister I watched over had triplets. Can you imagine?  I felt overwhelmed just watching her!  I have learned as I have assisted each of these beautiful sister’s, I truly became to love each of them as the Savior would.  When I first began visiting teaching as a young gal, I’m sorry to say it was more of a chore than the blessing it should have been.  I wish I could have learned sooner that as we serve, it helps US to become more like the Savior.  Years have past, and the time arrived, I FINALLY  had found TRUE joy in serving MY sister’s!  I have learned to LOVE going to visit MY SISTER’S!  Hearing ALL about their lives, knowing that I was there for a purpose. Gods purpose!  I have gained a true testimony of the Visiting Teaching program, and I KNOW that I have been the one who was blessed!

This message is found in a monthly magazine called the “Ensign”, published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I just LOVE to spoil my sister’s I visit with a treat, gift, or something clever and fun!  This is not required, just fun for me!

You don’t have your Visiting Teaching done for the month of October?  No time to bake?  No Worries!  I found these darling “Halloween Soda Bottles” at Cal Ranch for $1.99.  Really any soda bottle will work!  Just tie the ribbon you choose to the neck of the bottle, and print off the Visiting Teaching message.  You could even roll up the message and tie it to the bottle with the ribbon.  EASY,…FUN, AND…….. DONE!