Chocolate Chip Cookies For Santa

img_1181-2Okay friends, we’ve got to get serious!  Santa is going to be arriving soon, and we don’t want to let the cheery fellow down.  Here is OUR families most favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. We are going to share it especially with…… YOU!  This is Mrs. Fields famous cookie recipe, although we looked up her recipe and found that is was different.  There must be several different versions out there.  SO, whoever’s recipe it is…. when you take one bite out of these cookies, we’re just not sure you’ll have any left for Santa!  Our secret is too have Cam make them.  BUT, since we want to keep Him around, you’ll have to make your own!  Just be sure to use real butter, pure vanilla, and we LOVE using Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips.  Oh, don’t forget to leave some Carrots out for Santa’s Reindeer too!


Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 sticks Butter (softened)

1 Cup Brown Sugar

1 Cup Sugar

1 1/2 Teaspoons Vanilla

2 Eggs

3/4 Teaspoon Soda

1 Teaspoon Salt

3 Cups Flour

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Beat together Butter, Brown Sugar, and Sugar.  Add Vanilla and Eggs.  In a separate bowl add the dry ingredients whisking it to blend well. Add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture until all has blended together well.  Don’t over mix.  Drop onto cookie sheets with a retractable ice cream scoop.  Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes, or just until the edges are lightly browned.  Don’t over bake, they will continue to cook on the trays as they cool.

cookiesEat one or two, and to all ALL a good night!


Sock To Snowman


The kids are out of school and Christmas will be here soon.  What can we do so they won’t send us off to the moon?   We know, ……go buy lots of sparkly socks, SOCKS! Buttons and bows…. lots, LOTS!  Cut the toe off, thats Frosty’s top, TOP!  Stuff another and let it pop, POP!  Tie it off three time, TIMES!  With rubber bands, or any kind of twines, TWINES!  Get giddy and grab the cut off toe, TOE!  Glue gun it to the top of the other…..very slow, S L O W!  Tie off the top of the hat now….go, GO!  Glue on Frosty’s eyes, button, and bows, BOWS!  Frosty’s done and off to strut His many shows, SHOWS!  How is He standing, He has no toes, TOES?!IMG_1073Kids send us your finished Frosty pictures and we’ll share, SHARE!  Go to our contact page, we’ll be there, THERE!

Free Hot Cocoa Bar Printable


Each December we have a tradition on the first Sunday of the month. We enjoy a Hot Cocoa Bar with our family, as we listen to the Christmas Devotional from The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It helps us to set the holiday season off just right. We say…. you can start a new tradition at any time!  We have a free Hot Cocoa printable here for you to frame, and you can set it along the side of all the other goodies you have at your own Hot Cocoa Bar. img_1337

We found some great items to use for our Hot Cocoa Bar.  The festive cups we found at Costco.  Aren’t they just the cutest, with the snowflakes all over them?  They even came with lids in the package for those people on the run that have to come and go quickly. img_1110 We loved the hot cocoa sign saying …”Hot Cocoa …Always Homemade”, found at Michael’s. img_1121.jpg

We stopped in at Albertson’s for a quick grocery run, finding this festive dish towel, and the extra large jingle bells. img_1099 We gathered many of our supplies up at Walmart, including the extra large marshmallows,  some mini marshmallows, and the pirouline sticks.  Kids of all ages can’t resist eating each of these goodies!  Adding to the top of your drink, we grabbed some whipped cream, along with some peppermint candy canes, and a few colorful sprinkles to shake on top of the whipped cream.  Our F A V O R I T E part! img_1097.jpgimg_1120

Just in case you need to wipe that upper lip of yours, ALL covered with whip cream, you can wipe it off with the “Let it snow” colorful red napkins.  On the same aisle as the napkins, we spotted the extra large green and red confetti to dash everywhere, shown in the first picture.  Can you tell we like to celebrate?img_1200  I think we mentioned everything but the cocoa itself, the white chocolate chips and the chocolate chips.  We just transferred the cocoa we bought into a cute jar.img_1096  If you can’t live with out caramel, then for sure go grab some of that!  We hope you and your loved ones can just sip away on some hot delicious cocoa, while warming up inside… it’s freezing cold outside!  We hope this inspires you to head off to the store to buy your own goodies to enjoy!img_1118img_1119img_1108img_1107img_1104

We also wanted to share our friend Cherie Olsen’s Hot Cocoa Bar.  She arranged it so beautifully on a rolling tray,  with the cute polka dot cups, to the inviting candy cane striped containers.  It is surrounded perfectly by the green pine boughs, and just the right amount of stirring straws.  We loved the mirror on the bottom of the tray, giving a magical feel.  Can you believe how darling this is?  Her family and friends are ready to make their own Hot Delicious Cocoa, right in Her own kitchen.  Warming people up, heart and soul is what she does! We so appreciate Her for letting us share Her grand idea.  Here’s to winter and Hot Cocoa…… Cheers!dsc_0713.jpgdsc_0712dsc_0717

Decorated Tables In Christmas Style & Cupcake Tree Toppers

img_1199 We were very excited to be helping with decorating one of the many tables that were displayed at our church Christmas dinner party.  There were several tables decorated with many different styles of dishes and table decor.  Our table was centered around what children would love to be looking at………M A R S H M A L L O W S!  We have created a cupcake topper, but in this case, it’s a marshmallow topper.  These extra large marshmallows remind us of a game, where you put as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible, and then try to say a sentence like “the chubby bunny is running.” Everyone observing ends up laughing, and in turn the participant who put all of the marshmallows in their mouth ends up laughing, and then they end up expelling all of the marshmallow.  They just can’t contain their laughter at all.  You should try it sometime with your kid, they will love it! Kids will love playing this game, and they will love sitting at our table too!  Hopefully, ALL of the fluffy white table decor won’t disappear too soon!   With this massive container full of all sizes of marshmallows, there were still one or two marshmallows left by the end of the night.  Below are some instructions on putting the cupcake topper together, THEN you’ll get to see some beautifully decorated tables at our Church party.

To put the Christmas Tree Toppers together, just print the Christmas Trees off here. Gather up some tooth picks, clear tape, and a glue stick.


Tape the toothpick to one of the trees as shown, down the center of the tree, leaving enough space to glue all around the rest of the area.  Put glue on the back of the second tree.  Now line your trees up back to back, and gluing them quickly together.


Here is one of the trees all glued together and ready to place in your cupcake or extra large marshmallow.img_1198

This is a simple activity the kids could be doing while you are wrapping up all those presents of yours.


Here are some of the beautifully decorated tables that were displayed the night of our church Christmas party.  You can find some great ideas of how you might want to decorate your table for Christmas this year.  We couldn’t decide on a favorite table, because there were so many that we loved.  During the evening of the party, we had a cute gentleman who came up to us and said “all I need is a little burner to roast marshmallows.” LUCKILY, no open fires are to be lit in the building, BUT it sure would be fun! Below is our table we put together, this might just get you into the Christmas spirit. Go ahead and take a peak!img_0081.jpgimg_3581img_0036img_0026img_0021img_3582

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas table tour!



We might have missed just one or two tables, just needing more memory on our phones. NOW, go prepare for your Christmas feast!

Just A Lil’ Vintage Christmas

Whether you have a big budget or a non-existent one, we know one thing for sure, you can create MAGIC by simply using your creativity!  That’s why time spent getting inspired and looking at Pinterest is so worthwhile! We hope that this beautiful Christmas home tour, gives you some new ideas, and inspires you to step outside of your “tried and true” old Christmas decorating scheme. This “Lil’ Vintage Christmas” is brought to you by our sweet and AMAZING friend ….Cherie Olsen. She is so creative and is delightful in every way!   We loved the cozy feel of her home as she welcomed us in.  We were ready to move in right when we stepped in her front door.  img_1222dsc_0736img_1223dsc_0697dsc_0687Isn’t her “Lil’ Vintage Christmas” house decor simply a joyful view?  Each holiday she has something new and inspiring, even more creative than the year before! We were able to come up with this beautiful digitally drawn “Gone for a Sleigh Ride”, inspired by her lovely home. You can find the drawing here!  We loved how her home isn’t just your typical Christmas decor.img_1324

Cherie’s home is truly a dream, yet warm and inviting! We love sharing beautiful and inspirational ideas. Thanks for stopping by everyone!


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Free Printable Gift Tags

IMG_2979theseIMG_3007IMG_3025IMG_3017IMG_3006 (2).jpgIMG_3020

When our older kids got married a few years ago, I wanted to start a new tradition with them and their cute new Spouse’s.  My memory went back to a time when Oprah had a show years ago, giving away some of Her favorite things.  Well, our tradition would most definitely be on a much, much smaller scale.  I wasn’t even sure the kids would even like OUR favorite things!  We would find out soon enough.  We planned on wrapping up all the presents in “Brown Paper Packages Tied Up In Strings”.  While shopping with my older Son recently, He caught me with my arms FULL of wrapping paper.  He was wondering why I needed so much paper, when I already had half a closet full of wrapping paper at home.  I told Him ” You can’t ever pass up super cute wrapping paper!”  He just shook His head,  giving me a look like………REALLY!  Yes, we just happen to like all kinds of patterned paper.  Well, time has passed with this fun tradition, and our married kids have really seemed to like this idea.  We didn’t know our favorites…. could be EVERYONE’S FAVORITES!  Now, EVERYONE in the family, married or not, wants to be included in on the favorite’s list to be wrapped up in Brown Paper.  We found this cute paper at T.J. Maxx and Joann’s.  The wood disk with the deer sporting the popular buffalo plaid on it, and the snow tipped pine cones were found at Joann’s. The free printable tags can be found here!  That’s a wrap people!

December Visiting Teaching 2017

Sing along with us…. Copper Bells,…….. Copper Bells,…… it’s Christmas time….. in the city!  We wanted to get this out early so you could check in on your sister’s you visit teach before Christmas.  Wouldn’t you know it, we have a passion for ribbon!  SO, when we came across this Copper and White striped ribbon at Joann’s, we just HAD to have some!  Aren’t the Copper Bells we found there just the perfect match with the ribbon?  The cute treat bags are stamped with Metallic Copper Christmas Trees.  We simply just placed the dish rags inside the treat bag.   I’m pretty sure my ladies I visit teach, don’t even know how much fun it is to ride and sing all the way to Joann’s, searching for their next treasure!

We taped the hand soap to the treat bag, then tied the ribbon around the soap and treat bag.  Thread the Copper Bells with a small size ribbon and tie it in a knot around the ribbon that was already tied on.  Turn the knot side to the backside of the bells, where you started to thread them.  This pretty package is ready to greet your sister’s.  You might want to even throw in a Christmas carol right at their front door.  You can get the free printable tags here to attach to the hand soap.