Faith Family Freedom

Hey everyone, we’re glad your here! Who needs a little bit of fun to put together? Here’s a quick little idea for the Fourth of July. Also, a great article on Faith, Family, and Freedom.

These red, white and blue candy sticks make the perfect pole for your own patriotic waving Flag. Besides making a festive statement, these would be super cute to display anywhere, in a short Kerr jar, or tied on top of a gift for that July Birthday you have coming up. You can find candy sticks at your local Cracker Barrel, or Deseret Book here in St. George. The glow stick Flags were found at Dollar Tree.

So, here’s the Faith Family Freedom printable. Cut them out, leaving the black outline on or …..not. That’s up to you! Wrap your Flag around the candy stick, glueing it together on the inside. Make sure you line the edges up well, while glueing them together.

Don’t forget to read the great article attached here on The Eternal Importance of Family, talking about Faith, Family & Freedom. Okay people, off to creative creative land. Have the most lovely day ever!