Faith Family Freedom

Hey everyone, we’re glad your here! Who needs a little bit of fun to put together? Here’s a quick little idea for the Fourth of July. Also, a great article on Faith, Family, and Freedom.

These red, white and blue candy sticks make the perfect pole for your own patriotic waving Flag. Besides making a festive statement, these would be super cute to display anywhere, in a short Kerr jar, or tied on top of a gift for that July Birthday you have coming up. You can find candy sticks at your local Cracker Barrel, or Deseret Book here in St. George. The glow stick Flags were found at Dollar Tree.

So, here’s the Faith Family Freedom printable. Cut them out, leaving the black outline on or …..not. That’s up to you! Wrap your Flag around the candy stick, glueing it together on the inside. Make sure you line the edges up well, while glueing them together.

Don’t forget to read the great article attached here on The Eternal Importance of Family, talking about Faith, Family & Freedom. Okay people, off to creative creative land. Have the most lovely day ever!


Happy Mothers Day Free Printable Card

My Grandmother was a women of great strength and perseverance. She didn’t live the easiest life, loosing Her first husband in an automobile accident as a young Mother of three. Then, loosing Her second husband to cancer, which was a long drawn out and draining process. Grandmother never complained, she just pushed through, like moving through thick quicksand. I guess that’s why I never saw the gloom of it, because she presented it in such a positive way. She had every right to be the most miserable person ever, but she chose the better part.

I was truly never aware of the heartache she lived, until I had a family of my own, and at that point I felt the true heartbreak for my Grandmother. When you have valuable human beings of your own, that you have brought into this world, I think it’s at that very point that you learn to live with a different set of eyes. A Mothers eyes. My journey so far has been a breeze compared to my Grandmothers. I’m not certain what the rest of my journey will look like, but I hope I can be half the champion my Grandmother was.

Grandma was an amazing reading specialist, and she loved, loved, loved to read many books. Her home actually looked like a library. I learned to love poems sitting in Her lap. Just listening to Her read, with Her loving arms right around me, grasping those great and marvelous books. If I could have one more day on Her lap, I would thank Her for making me feel like the most loved human being on this planet. That’s what Grandmothers do best. They are truly Gods angels sent to earth. I’m so grateful for Her loving influence in my life. Like Proverbs 3:15 says: She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

The poem below I wrote as a tribute to my Grandmother titled, A Mothers Eyes, was inspired by the many poems that my Grandmother read to me throughout the years.

Happy Mothers Day to the many, many wonderful Mother’s whom we know and adore, including my own Mother, whom serves Her own family so selflessly.

Don’t forget your free printable Mothers Day card for Mom right here. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful Mom’s!

A Mothers Eyes

Eyes that see a fevered head, off to the doctor we sure fled. Watching you begin to crawl, look, look you’ve grown so tall. Peeking when they jumped on the bed, tattle telling, is what some said. Eyes that look for each of their needs, watching and waiting for them to succeed. Homework and piano and baking some treats, time is racing, just go find your cleats! Close your mouth when you begin to eat, c’mon kids, put down that old toilet seat.

Never cheat or tell a lie, just tell the truth…try try try. Yes, I love you with all of my heart, I’ll forgive you, lets try a new start. Always pick a quality date, be sure you’ll never be too late. Eyes that watch each child’s move, her eyes can see herself could improve. Asking God for a helping hand, please help them turn out so very grand. So when I tuck you in at night, pray to our Lord, He is never out of sight.

Gone are the days that the Mother once knew, some days she felt like the old woman in the shoe. Laughing and crying would come and go, I’m so proud of everything you now know. God grant me the gift that you’ll always be mine, give me eternity besides a little extra needed time. So never forget I love you with all of my heart. Kids, I’m so glad that we shall never ever be apart.

Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Time for a Fiesta! Ready to fill your bowl to the rim with Spanish Rice? What about some Beans? These fast and easy recipes come straight to you from our amazing friend Katie. So, if you are reading this Katie, you’ll know right off how long we’ve been enjoying your delicious recipes.

Sometimes all you need is just a bag of tortilla chips and some salsa to get the party started. It’s just not that well rounded of a meal all by itself. Although, some might thinks so! Wink, wink.

So you ready to host your own Cinco de Mayo party?

Besides using these easy recipes below, we love melting down Velveeta Cheese with a can of Rotel added, it’s great for dipping chips in. Also check out our Churros posted under recipes.

This first recipe is so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you’ve been buying Spanish Rice-a-Roni all these years.

Katie’s Spanish Rice

In a large pan sauté:

1 Onion diced and sauté in some butter or Olive Oil

1-Teaspoonful Garlic, minced

Add 3 Cups Rice, brown with Onion & Garlic

Add 3 Cups Water

Add 1 Tablespoon Tomato Bouillon

Bring to a boil

Add 1 Cup of your favorite Salsa

Simmer with a lid on until rice is fluffy and done.

Now, I know this next recipe sounds a little strange. I was an unbeliever myself, until I gave it a try. Sorry Katie, lesson learned, you should always trust a great friends cooking skills! Yes, I’m telling you it’s just out of a can! I know, I know, …..what kind of recipe is that? The best part of putting this together is your guest will never know it was as easy as opening up a can, ….seriously! Me and Katie, my good friend, served these beans at an event, and ALL of the beans were gone like that!

You’ll be using Equal parts of canned S&W Pinto and Chili Beans, no substitutes. You’ll have to determine how many cans needed depending on how many people you are serving. I like to place and mash the beans in a crockpot and heat the beans up.

Katie’s Easy Beans

1-Rinse and drain all of the liquid from the Chili Beans.

2-Drain only part of the Pinto Beans liquid, leaving some extra liquid to the side for extra moisture if needed.

3-Pour both Chili Beans drained and rinsed, and the Pinto Beans plus some of it’s liquid into a large bowl.

4-Proceed to mash the mixture of beans including some of the liquid from the Pinto Beans, leaving the beans a little lumpy, kind of how refried beans would look. Mash in more liquid from the reserved Pinto Beans if needed. You’ll know if they seem to dry.

5-Heat the beans throughout and serve.

Easter Table Setting And Free Table Place Cards

Friends, we are feeling Spring Fever right up to our ears! Just finished up collaborating with Jenny at The Everything House Wife on a couple of Easter tablescapes. Creative minds just love working together, it’s not really work anyways, …it’s our fun!

We were just planning on setting up this modern Easter tablescape, snapping a few pictures, and taking the table setting down. BUT, ….I kinda went and fell in love with the upright bunny ears, and Jenny’s awesome dishes too! The whole feel just got me in the mood for Easter. Lucky me, Jenny let me leave this fabulousness up until Easter!

As we were layering Jenny’s crisp white dishes and placing them on the woven white and gold place mats, I asked Zach to figure out some kind of cute bunny ears. He simply rolled up the off white cloth napkins, folding them in half, and placing them in Jenny’s beautiful white goblet’s purchased at The Pioneer Woman. You might even choose to use paper napkins and use your own glasses you already have, and just surprise the kiddos by tossing in a few colorful jellybeans in each of the cups.

Aren’t you just loving how we placed the eggs on top of some greenery, right inside the center of each bowl?

In our very first home we had gold decor, and I swore I would NEVER use it again. WELL, ……I can eat those words right up!  Yip, I’m doing it AGAIN, and loving it! I love the gold silverware and accent candle holders, and the EGG-tra large pink, gold foiled eggs.

Jenny did a marvelous job at capturing the feel of wanting to sit down to enjoy an Easter feast. Head over to her blog at The Everything Housewife to see Her “Dreaming in Pastels” Easter table decor. Here is just a little sneak peek for you.img_2362img_2361

We have the free place card printable right here, seen on Jenny’s lovely pastel table. “He Is Risen” is written right on it, placed perfectly in between the fork prongs. Just another fun idea for your table. Also, just for the kids, is the pop up Easter bunny ears printable right here. TTFN everyone!

You Bake Me Crazy Printable

How did Valentines sneak upon us so quickly? If you don’t have time to bake,…..but need something sweet, …we’ve got the idea! All you’ll need is a box of your favorite brownies, a rubber spatula and some cute ribbon. Oh, and don’t forget the free printable right here! Cut out the printable, attaching it to the ribbon. Cutting out the additional heart, while simply taping it to the center of the spatula. That’s it! Shazam, …’re done! Get out there friends and surprise your peeps!

Valentines Sweetheart Banner

Needing to get your party on for Valentines, decorate your mantle, or just surprise your amazing sweetheart? Ya, we knew you would! We have a quick paper craft for you to put together. It’s simple…..really! Gather up some card stock paper.  You’ll also need a roll of Cupid red ribbon. Go ahead and print off the lovely hearts right here and here. Ok, you’re ready to start threading your hearts together, just like lacing up your shoes. Grab your hole punch to make holes in the center of each of the sides of the hearts. Take a piece of your red ribbon, about 12 inches long, and threading it through two hearts that are laying side by side. Just tying the hearts together in a bow …..just like this! How do you think it looks on our bulletin board? Continue doing this until all are interlocked together and tied up with bows. Form a loop as long as needed for the outer ends. Tie a knot in each of the ends to hang up your “Sweetheart” banner. You can plan on this craft being very quick, ….impressive, and festive! We love simplicity with speedy results!

Happy Valentines y’all!


Engraved Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Guess what time it is guys? Time to find your Valentine that perfect gift! We are excited to have partnered up with our wonderful friends over at Sweenks Customer Laser. This is a great deal you won’t want to pass up! They have some super sweet items you can personalize for that special person in your life. Sweenks can engrave almost anything with their laser. Ask for details on your own items to be personalized too! Look how fun this would be to show off in your home. A picture of your kids for Grandma and Grandpa, or a loved one for Valentines, cut out on plexiglass.

We took a trip over to Sweenks shop and got to see where all of the personalized magic takes place. We saw everything from watches and tumblers, to paper and jewelry. I need one of these for myself! Hitting the front page of Etsy within their first months of starting their business gives them high marks. These are just a few of the items we saw, but you’ll have to go check them out for yourself on their Etsy page here. We also have a 20% off coupon code for our followers only thru the end of February 2018. Just enter the code: LWL20 at check out, and you will receive your 20% off. Hooray! See…. we love to take care of our followers!

We loved the wood watches engraved on the strap, or right smack on the back of the watch.

Make a fashion statement with a one of a kind wooded bow tie. Engrave your Best mans name on the back of his bow tie.You choose the script you like, and how you want it personalized.img_5015

Engrave a book or diary. Just in time for Valentines Day, or another fun timeless holiday you choose to celebrate. A big thanks to Sweenks for the amazing hook up. You just can’t go wrong personalizing anything!