From a young age, I’ve always had new and creative ideas streaming through my mind.  Paper, glitter and glue were always staple’s in our home.  I would constantly be pondering new ideas, and coming up with creative things to do with my hands.  Both me and my mom have had a passion for creating unique and different crafts through the years, which is a prominent part of who we are.  You could say we are imaginative souls, seeing the beauty all around us.  Coming up with amazing new ideas to optimize the fun in our surroundings.  Mom, oftentimes would let me express this by diving into various settings.  We spend lots of time together laughing, shopping, and coming up with something fantastical to put together.

      In 2016, we decide to branch out into the digital world. We started a design company that would show the many ways creativity is formed. We have enjoyed each and every project that has come about.  We hope you find several things that bring joy to your life, as it sure has ours.  We certainly would love to be your designers in helping with your next project.

Creatively yours,

 Zachary & Sue Cox