COME ON IN!img_4214img_4215We were greeted at the front door with this cheery doormat, and a beautiful, friendly face, our relative Tracey.  She is AMAZING when it comes to decorating, classy and stylish in her dressing, or really anything she carries out.

As we stepped inside her spectacular home, the first thing that came to our view was this beautiful nativity. Sweetly surrounded by these shiny red glass Christmas trees shooting  up to the sky.  img_4367img_4216img_4365

On the opposite side of the Nativity sits this white chair, adorned with these merry pillows.


Her beautiful home is lavished with several, we mean several, textured pillows.  img_4362

Right off, we spotted the banner stating “Be Merry”, with a painting of the “Real Santa.” A snow covered Christmas Tree, all adorned with Red and Black checks, nestled right between the couch and an oversized chair.  img_4337img_4223The Living Room so dashing, covered with several cheerful pillows, laid neatly on the white studded comfy couch.  A Winter Wonderland for sure!img_4361img_4340img_4345img_4228-1

Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing, here’s a close up of all of the tree decorations!  The tree is truly as amazing as it looks!img_4242-1img_4244-1img_4238-1img_4267-1img_4262-1img_4266-1img_4236-1img_4249-1img_4234-1

Take a load off, forget about all of your shopping. Just sit down and relax in this nice oversized chair, right next to the Christmas Tree.img_4259-1img_4226-1img_4257-1img_4251-1img_4253-1img_4255-1Come on into the Living Room. There’s more!img_4348More cute Christmas pillows too come!img_4315-1SANTA!img_4279-1img_4314-1img_4318-1img_4293-1

And the stockings were hung by the fire place with care.img_4357img_4301-1img_4299-1img_4297-1img_4296-1img_4294-1

You got it, mistletoe! Lot’s of kissing going on in this house!img_4269-1

Who wouldn’t want to sit down at this table to eat their Christmas Dinner?img_4353img_4285-1

So, so cute!img_4287-1

Each corner filled with reminders of the Christmas season.img_4305-1

A peek around the corner and you’ll be able to countdown Christmas with Santa’s fluffy white beard.img_4330-1img_4327-1

And a Christmas dish towel too spice up the kitchen.img_4324-1Pulled out each year, pillows hand made by Tracey’s dear friend.  img_4281-1img_4308-1img_4283-1

We glanced one more time as we headed out into the night, at…….”Be Merry” and to ALL ….a great pillow must be in sight!




🎄Tracey Rogers🎄is our featured home for the holidays with her Christmas spaces and places.

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