Fall Baby Shower

Guess what guys? We’ve spotting several pumpkins around town. It’s officially Fall, and it’s feeling great, especially after the blazing hot Summers here in Utah. Well, the southern part anyway!

My cute daughter made this sweet little pumpkin for her friends baby shower we threw. This pacified white pumpkin was the star of the shower. The white pumpkin was purchased at Target for $5.00. Don’t forget to grab your binki too! The nipple of the binki was simply cut off and then she just hot glue gunned the binki right to the pumpkin. She hand drew on the eyes and the long thick lashes to bring this little pumpkin to life. It sure brought some character to this precious little pumpkin. We think it turned out as cute as it can be!

Fall is such an lovely time to throw parties. I mean really, you can use so many different ideas with pumpkins. You know, like carving out the center of extra large pumpkins and placing your beverages in them. Old time glass soda bottled would look so festive. Maybe using the pumpkin too contain your ice, or flowers for a center piece. We decided to do an Italian drink station since the weather was so nice and warm still.

There are soooooo many pumpkin options to serve for food. Like …pumpkin bars, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin cookies, and even pumpkin pancakes. We’ve even seen pumpkin Peeps. Well, …..that’s going a bit to far for us! The possibility’s are endless obviously. We just feel sorry for those people who don’t even like pumpkin. Fall must be a long season for them!

I’d like to introduce to you part of my family. In the picture below on the far right is my lovely daughter Keairra, the baby pumpkin designer. She is holding our granddaughter named Storie Jane. We call Her Princess S.J. The whole family is madly in love with her, we just can’t help it! Next, you have Zach on the far left, my partner in crime for the blog here at The Little White Loft Company. It wouldn’t even exist without His genius, creative and techy brain. And, lastly me (Sue) Zach’s partner in this merrymaking blogging journey.

We want to share just a few pictures from the baby shower too get you in the mood to throw a party. ANY kind of party! The wind wasn’t on our side that day, so the balloons and streamers went bye bye. But, we made the best of it, and we celebrated until we couldn’t down one more Italian soda.

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