Ministering Handout

Look what we’ve come up with for your ministering ladies! We’re treating you to a free printable right here. Yippee! Here’s what you’ll need to do: Pick up a rubber spatula, cute ribbon, and attach the quote from Sister Cristina D. Franco.

The quote goes right along with her beloved talk she gave during the General Women’s session of conference, from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sister Franco spoke of her lovely primary teacher who selflessly baked a chocolate cake each week for her class instead of spending the money to ride the bus. That teacher and her own children would walk more than two miles both ways, regardless of the weather, just so her class could have chocolate cake. Isn’t that the sweetest? What a superb teacher.

If you would like to listen to Sister Franco’s talk click here. Look for our chocolate cake over the bus recipe under the menu page (recipes), and you might even choose to bake a chocolate cake just for your own ministering ladies, or gents for that matter. Enjoy!

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