Celebrate National Caramel Apple Day October 31st

img_2209-2Granny Smith and Fuji Apples are the perfect match with the sweet gooey taste of caramel. These apples will hold up better under the heat and weight of the candy coating.  Simply dipping, coating, and sprinkling, to make your taste buds swirl with delight. As you take one bite into the famous caramel apple.

🙂 Are you ready to have some fun in the kitchen?  Gather up some delicious Green Granny Smith and Red Fuji Apples.

🙂 Start by removing all of the stems, washing each apple well and drying them completely.

🙂 Place a bamboo lollipop stick into the center of each of the cleaned apples.  The Bamboo sticks were found at Michael’s.  Loving these large treat cups to hold the apples in, and the bags to wrap the apples up.img_2251-1.jpg🙂 Cover your cookie sheet with wax paper, we like to brush real butter on top of the paper too.

🙂 Have a candy thermometer ready to place in the pot for cooking the caramel.  Using a heavy duty pot to cook your ingredients, be sure not to go above 230 degrees or your caramel will be to hard.   🙂 Choose and prepare your favorite dipping, drizzling, sprinkling, and crumbling items.  Crushed Oreo’s, mini M&M’s, chopped pecans, chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, AND …..a whole lot more!🙂 Place your items in easy access bowls for dipping.img_2414-2.jpg Here come the Sprinkles!img_2462-1img_2287-4-e1514587690980.jpgDon’t you just love these colorful chips?!img_2285-4.jpgWe have a little helper in the kitchen, I’m sure he washed his hands! img_2459-3

ANYONE for crushed Oreo’s?  Check out the pumpkin spice chips too!Yikes,…..ANOTHER helper visiting the kitchen! You can always use another “hand” in the kitchen ……..RIGHT?  What about chopped Pecans or Almonds?

Let’s melt us some Chocolate. Perfect for drizzling and dipping.img_2500-2.jpg

After melting your chocolate in the microwave or crockpot on low, you can place it in a ziplock bag. Carefully cut off one corner of the bag with a small hole to drizzle over the apples, after they have already been slowly rolled and dipped into the caramel.

Alright,…..Ready….. Set…….let’s DIP!

Now, ….let’s make us some caramel for dipping!img_2298-1.jpg


1 cube Butter

1 cup Corn Syrup

2 cups Brown Sugar

1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 Teaspoons of Vanilla

Melt the butter in a large heavy duty pot.

Add the condensed milk, corn syrup and brown sugar.  Stirring occasionally, cook until you reach a soft ball stage – 230 degrees.Remove pan from the heat, and add the vanilla.

Let the caramel sit for 2 minutes while cooling before dipping the apples. Let the covering begin!


Let some of the excess caramel run off, and then continue rolling the apples in your toppings.img_2508-1.jpgAnyone hungry yet?img_2504-2We’ve got some coverage now. Let’s doll up these apples with some cute ribbon!img_3456-2

Look how cute with the ribbon all tied up in a bow! Do you want to tie your ribbon on the stick, or around the bag? Place your apples in the large treat cups. Now the apples are ready to be placed inside of the bags.img_2512-2We just need to place this one in a bag and it’s ready too go out the door. Time to celebrate National Caramel Apple Day!


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