Falling For Fall

Let us gladly embrace FALL! What is it that you fall for in ….Fall? I suppose you’ll all be getting out your wreaths and hanging them up. An’ pouring spiced cider up to the brim of your cup.Placing welcoming mats out for family and friends.Colors ablaze that will NEVER end.Stockpiling porches with BIG pumpkins …….orange, grey and gold. The year ALMOST over, and mornings now feeling just a bit cold.Arranging placemats all white and new.Tints of Autumn…….just for you to view.Velvet covered pumpkins….. gives a warm touch.Tall glass canisters filled with acorns and such. A wreath can fill in so much more.Tasting soups, pies and food galore.

Hoping this inspires you to feel up your fall.Happiest, happy…….Autumn to you all!

A shout out to our featured home of Tracey Rogers, and the welcoming tour of her lovely spaces and places.

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