Baby Van’s Shower

I had the most lovely evening spending it in honor of baby Van, who will be arriving here shortly. Isn’t Van the cutest name for a boy? His big brother Jack thinks he needs to be styling, …wearing everything in the brand name “Vans.” I think so too Jack!

A well planned out baby shower not too my surprise, and the succulent craze is still in full swing as you will see! The color theme was orange, lime green and baby blue, to go along with all of the succulents, and cactuses in lime green pots spread out across the tables. Also, displayed on the tables were these mini wooden easels all decked out with graphic art work designed by Steamroller. Great work ladies! Im sad I didn’t save my cute invitation to show you all.When me and my mother-in-law and Sister-in-law entered the room we spotted out these snappy pins. Just a cute little thank you gift for us coming to the shower. We snatch one up real quick! I’m sure it was a parting gift, not an arrival gift. Oh well! LolWe headed in further to set our gifts down, gazing at this cactus banner spread out in front of the diaper raffle table.

I had never heard of a diaper raffle. Becca, one of the cute hosts of the baby shower who delivered twins eight months ago had done this at her shower. She informed the group that she had just barely ran out of her diapers received from the raffle at her own shower. What a deal! Why wasn’t this idea around when I had my babies? The Surprise of the night……. I won the raffle drawing! YES! Oh, you want to know what the prize was? It was The Happy Planner. I will surely be using it!

After greeting one another we sat down to a well planned out Mexican meal, with lots of choices to put on top of these cactus themed plates.Time for dinner! Beef or chicken tacos, with all of the toppings one can desire. My Mother-in-law made the shredded chicken. Slow cooked to perfection. Yummy!

Everything was so tasty. My Husband said we would go out to dinner after the shower. So, I texted him to find something to eat at home instead. I can’t help that I got invited to this wonderful shower….wink wink!

Being a creative person myself, I definitely loved everything I saw and appreciated all of the hard work that went into the evening.

Here is Shawna, the cute mama to be right before she opened all of her fabulous gifts. I’m so excited for Her, baby Van, big brother Jack, and Dad of course.

You thought I was done. Well we haven’t had dessert yet! Pretzels dipped in white chocolate, colored lime green and rolled in coconut. Yes, a sweet little prickly cactus stick to nibble on.Try making a ton of these edible succulent cupcakes in a hurry. I don’t think so! Our minds were blown away at all of the time spent on these masterpiece cupcakes. Not to mention the dinosaur book written add illustrated by Shawna’s friend that also decorated these cupcakes. Talk about talented! Check these babies out!

Mmmmm! All things must come to an end, even this very cupcake and the baby shower.

Well I think I got everything except, I’m just waiting to hold that new little handsome baby boy Van. Congratulations Chapman’s!


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