A Patriotic Party

SUMMER TIME! Pool dipping, snow cone sip’n, barbecue eating, vacation trip’n, country loving, ….Big. American. Waving. Flag!

Let’s get ready for our country’s celebration!

Come on over and sit with us as we dine at this patriotic inspired metal table top. You made it just in time! After we eat, we can head out to watch the sky light up with ALL colors of bright and sparkling fireworks.

This table was really quite fun to put together. We just laid out some red clothe napkins, placed our navy plates on top, arranged the silver ware in a fun pattern, and put a few things in the center of the table just before you arrived.

To the metal tiered tray we placed a green plant at the top to bring things to life, stuck in a flag inspired glow stick right in it, added a pair of white salt and pepper shakers, threw in a few colorful candy sticks, and placed a whole lot of the original old time Cracker Jacks right at the bottom.

We fell in love with this super sweet backdrop, a wooden pallet, painted and designed by our friends the Maxwell’s. The wood is all decked out and painted in the American colors, …red, white and blue. With just the perfect star, simply a silver paper plate attached right to the pallet itself. You can sit right next to it!

Just swallow down that meal as you grab onto the bubble textured mason jar’s found at Target, with the plastic straws included. HURRY, finish off your plate! The fireworks are about to start. Here’s a Stars and Striped napkin to clean up with. Let’s go! Come on, COME ON! We’re going to miss the fireworks!Boy, was that awesome? The fireworks were spectacular, the meal divine, and the company even better. It’s been great spending the day here with you! Until next time, wishing you an enjoyable Summer ….from sea to shining sea! Dang, we forgot to eat dessert! Guess we’ll have to have you over again soon. Goodnight!


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