Happy Mothers Day Free Printable Card

My Grandmother was a women of great strength and perseverance. She didn’t live the easiest life, loosing Her first husband in an automobile accident as a young Mother of three. Then, loosing Her second husband to cancer, which was a long drawn out and draining process. Grandmother never complained, she just pushed through, like moving through thick quicksand. I guess that’s why I never saw the gloom of it, because she presented it in such a positive way. She had every right to be the most miserable person ever, but she chose the better part.

I was truly never aware of the heartache she lived, until I had a family of my own, and at that point I felt the true heartbreak for my Grandmother. When you have valuable human beings of your own, that you have brought into this world, I think it’s at that very point that you learn to live with a different set of eyes. A Mothers eyes. My journey so far has been a breeze compared to my Grandmothers. I’m not certain what the rest of my journey will look like, but I hope I can be half the champion my Grandmother was.

Grandma was an amazing reading specialist, and she loved, loved, loved to read many books. Her home actually looked like a library. I learned to love poems sitting in Her lap. Just listening to Her read, with Her loving arms right around me, grasping those great and marvelous books. If I could have one more day on Her lap, I would thank Her for making me feel like the most loved human being on this planet. That’s what Grandmothers do best. They are truly Gods angels sent to earth. I’m so grateful for Her loving influence in my life. Like Proverbs 3:15 says: She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

The poem below I wrote as a tribute to my Grandmother titled, A Mothers Eyes, was inspired by the many poems that my Grandmother read to me throughout the years.

Happy Mothers Day to the many, many wonderful Mother’s whom we know and adore, including my own Mother, whom serves Her own family so selflessly.

Don’t forget your free printable Mothers Day card for Mom right here. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful Mom’s!

A Mothers Eyes

Eyes that see a fevered head, off to the doctor we sure fled. Watching you begin to crawl, look, look you’ve grown so tall. Peeking when they jumped on the bed, tattle telling, is what some said. Eyes that look for each of their needs, watching and waiting for them to succeed. Homework and piano and baking some treats, time is racing, just go find your cleats! Close your mouth when you begin to eat, c’mon kids, put down that old toilet seat.

Never cheat or tell a lie, just tell the truth…try try try. Yes, I love you with all of my heart, I’ll forgive you, lets try a new start. Always pick a quality date, be sure you’ll never be too late. Eyes that watch each child’s move, her eyes can see herself could improve. Asking God for a helping hand, please help them turn out so very grand. So when I tuck you in at night, pray to our Lord, He is never out of sight.

Gone are the days that the Mother once knew, some days she felt like the old woman in the shoe. Laughing and crying would come and go, I’m so proud of everything you now know. God grant me the gift that you’ll always be mine, give me eternity besides a little extra needed time. So never forget I love you with all of my heart. Kids, I’m so glad that we shall never ever be apart.


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