Ministering Handout

This morning I woke up and was getting dressed. The phone rang, and it was my lovely daughter calling. She had asked me what I was doing that particular day. I told Her I was going Visiting Teaching. She said “Mom, there isn’t Visiting Teaching anymore.” Oh ya, I said out loud, remembering the changes that have taken place.

Funny how we get so use to doing and saying certain things. They almost become habit. This is going to be the hard part,….implanting this into my brain. I found even when I went to text my sisters to check in on them, I was stumped as of what to say, even tho the love I feel for my Sister’s has always been there.

I really am excited about the new direction we are headed. As a friend of mine stated to me “There is nothing higher than ministering, that’s exactly what the Savior did, there’s nothing higher than that.” Now, how do I serve for Him, whom does it so perfectly well for me? Hopefully now, we won’t all just be going through the motions. We will be living a higher law in regards to caring for the Lords flock. Not only us ministering, but becoming a people ready to meet the Savior, that we shall be like Him.

I love this quote by Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson. All we have to do is ask and it will be shown unto us, how to minister to the one. This is just a simple idea to give to your sisters. Really all you need to find is some Keebler Fudge Stripes Minis. Then just glue on the rest of the letters to spell out ministering. You can find the printable here. Just a side note… will be attaching the download quote to your own patterned paper, choosing any color scheme you’d like.


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