Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Time for a Fiesta! Ready to fill your bowl to the rim with Spanish Rice? What about some Beans? These fast and easy recipes come straight to you from our amazing friend Katie. So, if you are reading this Katie, you’ll know right off how long we’ve been enjoying your delicious recipes.

Sometimes all you need is just a bag of tortilla chips and some salsa to get the party started. It’s just not that well rounded of a meal all by itself. Although, some might thinks so! Wink, wink.

So you ready to host your own Cinco de Mayo party?

Besides using these easy recipes below, we love melting down Velveeta Cheese with a can of Rotel added, it’s great for dipping chips in. Also check out our Churros posted under recipes.

This first recipe is so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you’ve been buying Spanish Rice-a-Roni all these years.

Katie’s Spanish Rice

In a large pan sauté:

1 Onion diced and sauté in some butter or Olive Oil

1-Teaspoonful Garlic, minced

Add 3 Cups Rice, brown with Onion & Garlic

Add 3 Cups Water

Add 1 Tablespoon Tomato Bouillon

Bring to a boil

Add 1 Cup of your favorite Salsa

Simmer with a lid on until rice is fluffy and done.

Now, I know this next recipe sounds a little strange. I was an unbeliever myself, until I gave it a try. Sorry Katie, lesson learned, you should always trust a great friends cooking skills! Yes, I’m telling you it’s just out of a can! I know, I know, …..what kind of recipe is that? The best part of putting this together is your guest will never know it was as easy as opening up a can, ….seriously! Me and Katie, my good friend, served these beans at an event, and ALL of the beans were gone like that!

You’ll be using Equal parts of canned S&W Pinto and Chili Beans, no substitutes. You’ll have to determine how many cans needed depending on how many people you are serving. I like to place and mash the beans in a crockpot and heat the beans up.

Katie’s Easy Beans

1-Rinse and drain all of the liquid from the Chili Beans.

2-Drain only part of the Pinto Beans liquid, leaving some extra liquid to the side for extra moisture if needed.

3-Pour both Chili Beans drained and rinsed, and the Pinto Beans plus some of it’s liquid into a large bowl.

4-Proceed to mash the mixture of beans including some of the liquid from the Pinto Beans, leaving the beans a little lumpy, kind of how refried beans would look. Mash in more liquid from the reserved Pinto Beans if needed. You’ll know if they seem to dry.

5-Heat the beans throughout and serve.


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