Spring Has Sprung Tour Spring Printable

Spring, where everything comes alive! I gained a passion for flowers as a young girl working beside my Grandmother in Her rose garden. Besides the beautiful flowers that will be bursting, I have a love for pastel colors! Words to describe pastels: delicate, restful, youthful, welcoming, dreamy, inspirational, and subdued. No wonder I love pastels!

I’m so excited to take you on a tour of all of Gods wonders. The first picture is from one of our favorite places to travel, ……Branson, Missouri. An extravaganza of several shows and endless amounts of entertainment. I’m talk’n ….there’s no time for technology……a parents dream! This fabulously groomed yard, with the beautiful flowers shaped in a butterfly, is on the grounds of one of Dolly Parton’s famous shows called “The Dixie Stampede.” A cowgirls dream, other than not touching the animals! Ha ha! We all hooted and hollered for our team, as we sat down to to a real cow polk meal. This show down was so, so fun! We highly recommend it!

A favorite picture of mine, that I snapped, resembling Spring, was taken on our travels to Illinois. As we passed this unique site, we had to stop and admire this tree stump all decked out like a fairy garden.Isn’t it so fun? Not so sure my Husband is just going too saw down a full grown tree in our yard, just too sport one of these!

You’re going to LOVE these next picture’s coming up! So, …we moved into a new house during the Winter season. You can imagine our surprise when we came across these happy flowers saying HELLO, come Springtime.Aren’t they simply spectacular?! No filter people, I was stunned myself! Spring in it’s true and glorious color. I need to ask my local Gardner what the name of this flower is so I can plant more in my yard. When I find out I’ll update this post.

Pictured below is my Husband holding a real butterfly, inside of the Butterfly Palace in Branson, Missouri.Honey, I think green is your color! Pretty cool huh?! Just stepping inside of the Butterfly Palace you’ll find an array of butterflies in colors you NEVER even knew existed. As the butterflies gracefully flutter all around you. Kids of all ages are in amazement of their stunning beauty.

Next, are some butterflies that have been preserved for a majestic view. A butterfly lovers dream!

This lovely flower was spotted on the picturesque grounds of the Salt Lake Temple. The texture of this flower looks just like paper. I had to take a second look to make sure they were real. I caught up to one of the Gardner’s to get the name of this flower. He said it was an Oriental Poppy, and I fell in love with all of them!

AND, the final picture’s of Spring you’ll be looking at ….are from the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada. Shared by my lovely Aunt Carol, and I’m passing them on to you. One hundred and eighty acres of pure beauty! No filter on these pictures. So here we go, …..off to Canada!

This picture is my favorite, because I’m a real pink lover! I think I could get use to the views from Canada.

Thanks for coming along on the tour with us. We wanted to share just a little bit of Spring with you, our followers, and hope you appreciate Gods wonders just like we do.

We also have a free printable below if you are interested. Click right here to get it. Todaloo Spring lovers!


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