Jeffrey Holland Quote Free Printable


Hey everyone! Just wanted to share this amazing quote by Elder Holland from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When He speaks my heart just burst with joy!  If you can have a favorite Apostle, He is thee one! Don’t you just love Him?

Elder Holland’s most recent talk from Conference was titled “Be Ye Therefore Perfect– Eventually.” It was so amazing! I’ll post Elder Holland’s talk right here. He let’s us know that we should just keep trying, even if we aren’t perfect at it. Why are we humans so great at beating ourselves up? We always see the good in others, but not in ourselves. It shouldn’t be so one sided. We have value, for Heavens sake, we are Gods children! Elder Holland has always encouraged us to do better, and to notice how far we’ve come…. from our previous years. Like He states “We get credit for trying, even if we don’t always succeed.” We are good enough, and God loves us. No more tearing ourselves down. Boom. You just got loved!

If you need this printable for someone else…..great, or for yourself….even better! You can find the free printable quote right here. A cheerful quote needs a cheerful frame…. huh? Pier 1 was the go to for this one.


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