Valentines Sweetheart Banner

Needing to get your party on for Valentines, decorate your mantle, or just surprise your amazing sweetheart? Ya, we knew you would! We have a quick paper craft for you to put together. It’s simple…..really! Gather up some card stock paper.  You’ll also need a roll of Cupid red ribbon. Go ahead and print off the lovely hearts right here and here. Ok, you’re ready to start threading your hearts together, just like lacing up your shoes. Grab your hole punch to make holes in the center of each of the sides of the hearts. Take a piece of your red ribbon, about 12 inches long, and threading it through two hearts that are laying side by side. Just tying the hearts together in a bow …..just like this! How do you think it looks on our bulletin board? Continue doing this until all are interlocked together and tied up with bows. Form a loop as long as needed for the outer ends. Tie a knot in each of the ends to hang up your “Sweetheart” banner. You can plan on this craft being very quick, ….impressive, and festive! We love simplicity with speedy results!

Happy Valentines y’all!



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