February Visiting Teaching 2018

Visiting Teaching, it’s all about sincerely knowing each sister. How can you truly know her without knowing her family too? They are one big package! You are going to put your best effort into loving all. The Savior was amazing at this, just like feeding the 5000, we might only have two or three sister’s. We got this friends! My sister’s make it so easy tho! They are the best! By small and simple things, like love, great things come about right?

This month is super easy! We found this dish towel with the beautiful colors and flowers on it at Walmart. With L O V E written right on it. You just can’t miss it! A perfect match of ribbon tied around it from JoAnn’s. You know the drill…..just attach the tag. You can find it right here.


3 thoughts on “February Visiting Teaching 2018”

  1. I loved this message/handout, so I went to 2 Walmarts and found the towels… now I can’t purchase/download the matching tag! What happened?! Please HELP!


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