Engraved Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Guess what time it is guys? Time to find your Valentine that perfect gift! We are excited to have partnered up with our wonderful friends over at Sweenks Customer Laser. This is a great deal you won’t want to pass up! They have some super sweet items you can personalize for that special person in your life. Sweenks can engrave almost anything with their laser. Ask for details on your own items to be personalized too! Look how fun this would be to show off in your home. A picture of your kids for Grandma and Grandpa, or a loved one for Valentines, cut out on plexiglass.

We took a trip over to Sweenks shop and got to see where all of the personalized magic takes place. We saw everything from watches and tumblers, to paper and jewelry. I need one of these for myself! Hitting the front page of Etsy within their first months of starting their business gives them high marks. These are just a few of the items we saw, but you’ll have to go check them out for yourself on their Etsy page here. We also have a 20% off coupon code for our followers only thru the end of February 2018. Just enter the code: LWL20 at check out, and you will receive your 20% off. Hooray! See…. we love to take care of our followers!

We loved the wood watches engraved on the strap, or right smack on the back of the watch.

Make a fashion statement with a one of a kind wooded bow tie. Engrave your Best mans name on the back of his bow tie.You choose the script you like, and how you want it personalized.img_5015

Engrave a book or diary. Just in time for Valentines Day, or another fun timeless holiday you choose to celebrate. A big thanks to Sweenks for the amazing hook up. You just can’t go wrong personalizing anything!


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