Squirrel Appreciation Day January 21st Sweet & Spicy Candied Pecans

We have a family friend that is nuts about Squirrels! How did this little critter make a debut in her life? Well, Carole, the fun, loving person she is, was at a country concert when her life would change forever. The singer upon the stage was just going to share a song about nothing really, he never even ended up recording it. It was simply…….just for fun! He decided too share it with the audience. So, joking around, Carole began singing about a Squirrel to her friends. Like the country singer really, just singing about something random. Shortly thereafter, Squirrel items began coming into her office and home from friends and family. We were even quite surprised at the many Squirrel items that we have been able to find for her. Like this Squirrely, furry tailed pillow. Say that ten times if you can!img_2370-1.jpgShopping soon became a little funner for us, simply by the chasing down of the Squirrels. A Squirrel hunt you could say!  Pretty soon Carole had a small collection of Squirrel items.  Then a desk full of Squirrels.  THEN a whole room full of Squirrels. Not even buying a single one for herself!  We hit the jackpot with this find, laughing all the way to the cashier.img_2088-2When you think of a collection, usually people get to pick the items THEY choose to collect, but not in this case! Carole is now surrounded by Squirrels that have been so thoughtfully picked out for her vast collection, She NEVER thought SHE would be collecting. So, the moral of the story is to watch your words, or song ……in this case, for you never know what someone might be collecting for YOU!

In honor of Carole and Squirrel Appreciation Day, we thought you could go nuts over this recipe we are sharing from The Everything House Wife.  It’s a great recipe we know you’ll LOVE, and you can find it here.


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