Sock To Snowman


The kids are out of school and Christmas will be here soon.  What can we do so they won’t send us off to the moon?   We know, ……go buy lots of sparkly socks, SOCKS! Buttons and bows…. lots, LOTS!  Cut the toe off, thats Frosty’s top, TOP!  Stuff another and let it pop, POP!  Tie it off three time, TIMES!  With rubber bands, or any kind of twines, TWINES!  Get giddy and grab the cut off toe, TOE!  Glue gun it to the top of the other…..very slow, S L O W!  Tie off the top of the hat now….go, GO!  Glue on Frosty’s eyes, button, and bows, BOWS!  Frosty’s done and off to strut His many shows, SHOWS!  How is He standing, He has no toes, TOES?!IMG_1073Kids send us your finished Frosty pictures and we’ll share, SHARE!  Go to our contact page, we’ll be there, THERE!


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