Decorated Tables In Christmas Style & Cupcake Tree Toppers

img_1199 We were very excited to be helping with decorating one of the many tables that were displayed at our church Christmas dinner party.  There were several tables decorated with many different styles of dishes and table decor.  Our table was centered around what children would love to be looking at………M A R S H M A L L O W S!  We have created a cupcake topper, but in this case, it’s a marshmallow topper.  These extra large marshmallows remind us of a game, where you put as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible, and then try to say a sentence like “the chubby bunny is running.” Everyone observing ends up laughing, and in turn the participant who put all of the marshmallows in their mouth ends up laughing, and then they end up expelling all of the marshmallow.  They just can’t contain their laughter at all.  You should try it sometime with your kid, they will love it! Kids will love playing this game, and they will love sitting at our table too!  Hopefully, ALL of the fluffy white table decor won’t disappear too soon!   With this massive container full of all sizes of marshmallows, there were still one or two marshmallows left by the end of the night.  Below are some instructions on putting the cupcake topper together, THEN you’ll get to see some beautifully decorated tables at our Church party.

To put the Christmas Tree Toppers together, just print the Christmas Trees off here. Gather up some tooth picks, clear tape, and a glue stick.


Tape the toothpick to one of the trees as shown, down the center of the tree, leaving enough space to glue all around the rest of the area.  Put glue on the back of the second tree.  Now line your trees up back to back, and gluing them quickly together.


Here is one of the trees all glued together and ready to place in your cupcake or extra large marshmallow.img_1198

This is a simple activity the kids could be doing while you are wrapping up all those presents of yours.


Here are some of the beautifully decorated tables that were displayed the night of our church Christmas party.  You can find some great ideas of how you might want to decorate your table for Christmas this year.  We couldn’t decide on a favorite table, because there were so many that we loved.  During the evening of the party, we had a cute gentleman who came up to us and said “all I need is a little burner to roast marshmallows.” LUCKILY, no open fires are to be lit in the building, BUT it sure would be fun! Below is our table we put together, this might just get you into the Christmas spirit. Go ahead and take a peak!img_0081.jpgimg_3581img_0036img_0026img_0021img_3582

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas table tour!



We might have missed just one or two tables, just needing more memory on our phones. NOW, go prepare for your Christmas feast!


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