These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Free Printable Gift Tags

IMG_2979theseIMG_3007IMG_3025IMG_3017IMG_3006 (2).jpgIMG_3020

When our older kids got married a few years ago, I wanted to start a new tradition with them and their cute new Spouse’s.  My memory went back to a time when Oprah had a show years ago, giving away some of Her favorite things.  Well, our tradition would most definitely be on a much, much smaller scale.  I wasn’t even sure the kids would even like OUR favorite things!  We would find out soon enough.  We planned on wrapping up all the presents in “Brown Paper Packages Tied Up In Strings”.  While shopping with my older Son recently, He caught me with my arms FULL of wrapping paper.  He was wondering why I needed so much paper, when I already had half a closet full of wrapping paper at home.  I told Him ” You can’t ever pass up super cute wrapping paper!”  He just shook His head,  giving me a look like………REALLY!  Yes, we just happen to like all kinds of patterned paper.  Well, time has passed with this fun tradition, and our married kids have really seemed to like this idea.  We didn’t know our favorites…. could be EVERYONE’S FAVORITES!  Now, EVERYONE in the family, married or not, wants to be included in on the favorite’s list to be wrapped up in Brown Paper.  We found this cute paper at T.J. Maxx and Joann’s.  The wood disk with the deer sporting the popular buffalo plaid on it, and the snow tipped pine cones were found at Joann’s. The free printable tags can be found here!  That’s a wrap people!


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