December Visiting Teaching 2017

Sing along with us…. Copper Bells,…….. Copper Bells,…… it’s Christmas time….. in the city!  We wanted to get this out early so you could check in on your sister’s you visit teach before Christmas.  Wouldn’t you know it, we have a passion for ribbon!  SO, when we came across this Copper and White striped ribbon at Joann’s, we just HAD to have some!  Aren’t the Copper Bells we found there just the perfect match with the ribbon?  The cute treat bags are stamped with Metallic Copper Christmas Trees.  We simply just placed the dish rags inside the treat bag.   I’m pretty sure my ladies I visit teach, don’t even know how much fun it is to ride and sing all the way to Joann’s, searching for their next treasure!

We taped the hand soap to the treat bag, then tied the ribbon around the soap and treat bag.  Thread the Copper Bells with a small size ribbon and tie it in a knot around the ribbon that was already tied on.  Turn the knot side to the backside of the bells, where you started to thread them.  This pretty package is ready to greet your sister’s.  You might want to even throw in a Christmas carol right at their front door.  You can get the free printable tags here to attach to the hand soap.


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