25 Days 25 Ways Free Printable #LIGHTtheWORLD


Each year when my kids were younger, I had snowflakes ready to hang in the windows at Christmas time.  As they would do an act of service, they would each get to place a snowflake in the windows.  As the windows would fill up with snowflakes, we all knew Christmas Day would soon be arriving.   This year, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues their Light the World initiative.  It is ALL about showing love like the Savior did by loving and helping others.   How will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and bring light to the world?  Please share your own way of lighting the world by adding the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD to your own Instagram post.  We want to help you out by starting the season right.  We have attached a video to watch about the initiative here, plus a daily video to watch here, and the calendar to keep you on track. We also have free printable snowflakes for each of the 25 Days to help your kids or grand kids countdown the days until Christmas.  The snowflakes also have the daily scripture reading on them.  Plus, you can print out extra snowflakes to hang when you catch the kids in the act of doing service for others.  If you choose, you could even hole punch the snowflakes and hang them on your Christmas Tree too.  This is such a great way to teach children how to serve others.  May all your windows be filled with “service snowflakes!”

Download the daily snowflakes here:

Day 1-4

Day 5-8

Day 9-12

Day 13-16

Day 17-20

Day 21-24

Day 25

Blank Snowflakes


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