Thanksgiving Table Decor





Guess who showed up at my door with this cute and creative idea?  Yes, it was MY visiting teacher!  She sure surprised me, BUT, I think I surprised her even more with my house that was a total disaster.  I was working on a million projects, wearing an apron with food all over it.  I’m pretty sure every cupboard was covered with stuff, ironing board out, and table covered with a bazillion things.  Despite my total mess, she still hugged me as she left as she always does.  I’m so grateful for her cheerful presence.  She is just a delight in every way.  I have loved her from the very first day I met her.  We being the creative people ourselves, we kinda loved this A LOT!  I was so excited to clean up all the things I was busy working on, just to place that cute Turkey in his designated spot, until we get to gobbled him right up.  I just wanted to show off Judy’s lovely work to you.  Hopefully you will appreciate this as much as I did.  This would be such a perfect center piece for your Thanksgiving Day table. I can see a bunch of fruit placed all around it and a few leaves.  Have you seen those mini pineapples at the grocery store? You could make smaller Turkey’s and put them on the kids tables.  Oh, I’m so excited to create some little baby Turkey’s too!  Visiting teaching at it’s finest, such a cute idea!


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