Lifting Message

In life, you come across some pretty amazing human beings.  They just slip in like angels sent right from God.  These certain women I’m referring too, have been women who stand up, speak out, and defend families.  They have been examples too me in every way.  I’m sure they don’t realize their affect they have had on me.  They are women who have whole heartedly relied on the Lord.  In fact, my whole life changed from their examples, and they have helped me to see things more clearly.  These beautiful women wanted to find a way to send out positive thoughts in this troubled world in which we live.  This is how “Gathering Families” came to be.  They understood that families are stronger when they are together, helping parents to understand their role, and too realize the power that comes from that role.

The picture above is posted on their Facebook page “Gathering Families”.  Doesn’t this picture by Michael Dudash so represent gratitude?   He titled it “A Grateful Heart”.   I think He did a marvelous job at capturing it.  Can’t you just see how her heart and mind are connecting?  She is even holding her heart, a sign she really feels what her heart believes.  Please join us in a great find, for the perfect read at Gathering Families.  They can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Gathering Families.Com



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