November Visiting Teaching 2017


Ready or not, it’s time for November’s Visiting Teaching!  Who knew Borden Eagle Brand would come out with a Limited Edition of Sweetened Condensed Milk- C A R A M E L!  You could eat this stuff STRAIGHT out of the can!  No boiling for hours on low and slow. Just open the can and it’s all ready to enjoy!  There’s even a great recipe on the back of the can, Decadent Caramel Apple Cheesecake, or just serve it warm over plain ice cream!

We found this “Sweet” can of Sweetened Condensed Milk, Caramel style at Walmart on the baking aisle.  Don’t forget to swing by the craft area and grab some cellophane to wrap up the sweet can of goodness.  As for the cute navy polka dot burlap, we discovered this at good ‘ole Dollar Tree!  Be sure to tie on the bow a little higher as shown in the picture above, so you can still see the Condensed Milk when tying the tag on.  Now, read the inspired words of  Joy D. Jones’ talk from the General Women’s Session- “Value beyond Measure”.  Remember, this month you can choose any talk from General Conference you’d like.   Next, get your free printable here with the fall leaves all around it.  Finish up with a hole punch and tie it on with gratitude, now you’re ALL done!



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