October Visiting Teaching 2017

We are extremely blessed to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  I get the privilege of watching over a few sister’s each month.  Making sure their needs are attended to. We help our sister’s by comforting them, assisting them where needed, sharing a beautiful message encouraging them to follow the Savior, and more specifically, just being a true friend!  I have had the opportunity of taking in meals through the years, been there for deaths in the family, and have been a shoulder to cry on, as tears are shed when they have faced hard trials in their life’s.  In one case, my cute sister I watched over had triplets. Can you imagine?  I felt overwhelmed just watching her!  I have learned as I have assisted each of these beautiful sister’s, I truly became to love each of them as the Savior would.  When I first began visiting teaching as a young gal, I’m sorry to say it was more of a chore than the blessing it should have been.  I wish I could have learned sooner that as we serve, it helps US to become more like the Savior.  Years have past, and the time arrived, I FINALLY  had found TRUE joy in serving MY sister’s!  I have learned to LOVE going to visit MY SISTER’S!  Hearing ALL about their lives, knowing that I was there for a purpose. Gods purpose!  I have gained a true testimony of the Visiting Teaching program, and I KNOW that I have been the one who was blessed!

This message is found in a monthly magazine called the “Ensign”, published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I just LOVE to spoil my sister’s I visit with a treat, gift, or something clever and fun!  This is not required, just fun for me!

You don’t have your Visiting Teaching done for the month of October?  No time to bake?  No Worries!  I found these darling “Halloween Soda Bottles” at Cal Ranch for $1.99.  Really any soda bottle will work!  Just tie the ribbon you choose to the neck of the bottle, and print off the Visiting Teaching message.  You could even roll up the message and tie it to the bottle with the ribbon.  EASY,…FUN, AND…….. DONE!




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