Quick And Easy Halloween Craft

If you need a last minute Halloween craft, or quick gift, this is such a simple project!  We loved these fun wooden, tray boxes we found at Wood Creations for $9.98 each.  You will need to purchase three!  Our wood was already prepped and ready to stain.  You may need to lightly sand your wood for a smooth surface.   You will also need to get a small can of wood finish in any color you love, we chose Dark Walnut stain.  Don’t forget the paint brush, or sponge brush.   We love the sponge brush for easy clean up!  Make sure you have some old rags to lay out under your project while staining the wood.  Make sure when staining them, you cover it good, and get in the corners well.  We chose our paper to place in each box at JoAnn’s Craft Store.  The awesome thing about this craft, is that each holiday you can just swap out the scrapbook paper for the next holiday coming up.  How sweet is that, the ever changing display!  Layering paper also gives it such a great dimensional look!  Measure your paper carefully, cutting it to fit snug inside of each of the tray boxes.  We simply just taped the backside of each paper and stuck it right inside the wooden tray boxes.  Now, just hang them up with a little hanging kit you may purchase at Walmart.  And there you go, simple as that!

Purchase List:

*Wooden Tray Boxes

*Stain in your choice of color

*Fine Grain Sandpaper

*Paint Brush or Sponge brush

*Scrapbook Paper (3) or more for layering


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