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Spring Has Sprung Tour Spring Printable

Spring, where everything comes alive! I gained a passion for flowers as a young girl working beside my Grandmother in Her rose garden. Besides the beautiful flowers that will be bursting, I have a love for pastel colors! Words to describe pastels: delicate, restful, youthful, welcoming, dreamy, inspirational, and subdued. No wonder I love pastels! […]


This is Zach’s specialty! I was a little nervous the first time he said that he was going to make Churros. Just hearing the word……Churros, my first thought was …….too hard! Not so, I quickly found out! All of my boys are super at hard tasks anyways, why should I worry! Zach was very successful […]

Squirrel Appreciation Day January 21st Sweet & Spicy Candied Pecans

We have a family friend that is nuts about Squirrels! How did this little critter make a debut in her life? Well, Carole, the fun, loving person she is, was at a country concert when her life would change forever. The singer upon the stage was just going to share a song about nothing really, […]